SoftBank buying 70% stake in Sprint

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Discussion:  Sprint Nextel has agreed to sell a majority of the company to Japenese tech giant, SoftBank.  The deal may allow Sprint to compete more successfully with competitors like AT&T and Verizon, and avoid bankruptcy.  Sprint is undergoing an expensive, and late, transition to 4G-LTE, and has been losing contracted customers since it announced that… Read more »

How cell phone companies prepare for hurricanes

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Discussion:  As tropical storm Isaac heads toward Florida, wireless network providers are working hard to shore up their systems to ensure that there is no disruption in service.  Severe winds and blackouts can knock out cell towers, which disrupt communications for citizens as well as emergency crews and rescue workers.  As the storm approaches, carriers… Read more »

Cable companies to expand free Wi-Fi

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Discussion:  Cable companies are going to begin to allow subscribers to use free Wi-Fi hotspots if they travel outside of their home network area.  The companies are working on ways to store users credentials so that they will be immediately logged on, thus making it extremely easy to use. The companies believe that Wi-Fi is… Read more »

FCC scrambles to cope with data avalanche

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Discussion:  The need for space to transmit the growing amount of data on smartphones and other handheld devices is expanding exponentially, and will soon overrun the current capacity.  The FCC is trying to come up with  a solution to help solve this problem, and so far the answer is to capture the staticy space between… Read more »

How to Build a Better App

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The U.S. market for smart-phone applications has soared past $1.5 billion, thanks to ingenious developers like Ilene Jones, cofounder of IPhone’s Hurricane storm-tracking app and Derek James, creator of paid word and card games for Android.  Their advice: Flesh out your plan completely and think local when it comes to hiring a developer, find a… Read more »

Tech Republic – Stadiums Go High Tech

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              Description: Article focus is on how IT facilitates fan enthusiasm & provides the peripheral support to stadiums and arenas. IT is important for survival even of sports teams.  IT facilitates following a favorite team, but it also provides a huge source of revenue for sports is big business; college… Read more »

InfoWeek – Dartmouth College Goes Wireless

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                Description: Faced with a telecommunications infrastructure that’s unable to support its sprawling campus in rural New Hampshire, Dartmouth College is investing in wireless technology that will allow it to expand its main campus network to off-site buildings. Source:  Elena Malykhina, InfoWeek Date: 3/11/2005 Link: Discussion Questions: What types… Read more »

Newshour – Cities Go Wireless

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Description: Article on the expanded use & implementation of wireless technology. The broadband or high-speed Internet connections that were once found only in universities and businesses can now be found in more than 37 million locations, including homes, libraries and schools. According to the Federal Communications Commission, this number is up from only 7 million in… Read more »

Whitepaper – Mary Kay’s Latest Beauty Secret? In-Building Wireless

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                Description: Whitepaper with creative discussion about the strategic advantages of wireless capabilities such as utilized at Mary Kay Corp. Source: J. Sharpe Smith Date: 2007 Link: Discussion Questions: How is wireless capability a secret weapon for Mary Kay Corp?

How Stuff Works – Wireless

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                          Description: Link to How Stuff Works with foundational information about wireless.  This basic understanding is critical for building on other related concepts.  Source: Marshall Brain and Tracy V. Wilson, How Stuff Works Link: Discussion Questions: 1. In your own words, how does Wi-Fi… Read more »