Whitepaper – Top 10 Trends

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  Description: Whitepaper from Online Community Report on the Top 10 Trends in online communities.  Source: Jim Cashel Date: 2001 Link: http://www.providersedge.com/docs/km_articles/Top_Ten_Trends_for_Online_Communities.pdf Discussion Questions: What are some of the major business possibilities associated with this site?

Whitepaper – Mary Kay’s Latest Beauty Secret? In-Building Wireless

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                Description: Whitepaper with creative discussion about the strategic advantages of wireless capabilities such as utilized at Mary Kay Corp. Source: J. Sharpe Smith Date: 2007 Link: http://www.ita-relay.com/magazine/EW2007/2nd_Quarter/Mary_Kay2Q_07.pdf Discussion Questions: How is wireless capability a secret weapon for Mary Kay Corp?