How to turn your phone into a biometric scanning machine

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Discussion:  A California tech company has designed an app for the iPhone 4 and 4S that can read a person’s biometric information.  By adding the app, the AOptix Stratus, and a wrap-around device to an iPhone, the smartphone turns into a portable identification device.  This technology could come in particularly handy for police, border agents, and airport… Read more »

What the Apple-Samsung verdict means for your smartphone

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Discussion:  Apple won its nearly $1 billion dollar patent  lawsuit against Samsung–a decision that is likely to affect the entire smartphone industry.  Samsung was unable to prove that any of Apple’s patents were invalid, which means that other manufacturers, like Google, are probably going to change the way they do things to avoid a similar… Read more »

FCC scrambles to cope with data avalanche

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Discussion:  The need for space to transmit the growing amount of data on smartphones and other handheld devices is expanding exponentially, and will soon overrun the current capacity.  The FCC is trying to come up with  a solution to help solve this problem, and so far the answer is to capture the staticy space between… Read more »

Shopping by phone at South Korea’s virtual grocery

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Discussion:  In South Korea, shoppers can now go grocery shopping with their smartphones while they wait for the subway.  With Homeplus’s new virtual shopping center, customers can order groceries by scanning bar codes with their smartphone.  The goods are then delivered to their front door, without the purchaser ever having stepped foot in a grocery… Read more »

Smartphone growth in the U.S.: Nothing but blue sky ahead

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Discussion:  Accordig to Asymco’s Horace Dediu, and ComScore’s most recent U.S. smartphone data , smartphone growth is on the rise and shows no signs of stopping.  After studying the graph to the right, it becomes apparent that Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android are squeezing out the competition, and that there is a large market for… Read more »