Hands-off with the Samsung Galaxy S IV

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Discussion:  The new Samsung Galazxy S IV’s technology is new and exciting in the smartphone world.  The no-touch features, such as Air Gesture, allow users to toggle form screen to screen, or up and down, without having to actually touch the screen.  The phone will read your eyes, gestures and movements in order to perform basic functions. … Read more »

What the Apple-Samsung verdict means for your smartphone

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Discussion:  Apple won its nearly $1 billion dollar patent  lawsuit against Samsung–a decision that is likely to affect the entire smartphone industry.  Samsung was unable to prove that any of Apple’s patents were invalid, which means that other manufacturers, like Google, are probably going to change the way they do things to avoid a similar… Read more »

Google to show off mobile wallet for Android phones

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Discussion: Google is introducing a mobile payment platform that will turn its Android smartphone into a digital wallet.  Thanks to NFC (near field communication) technology, consumers can wave their phones in front of a reader at a checkout to purchase items or receive special offers.  The simplicity and convenience of this new e-wallet means less… Read more »