How to Build a Better App

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The U.S. market for smart-phone applications has soared past $1.5 billion, thanks to ingenious developers like Ilene Jones, cofounder of IPhone’s Hurricane storm-tracking app and Derek James, creator of paid word and card games for Android.  Their advice: Flesh out your plan completely and think local when it comes to hiring a developer, find a… Read more »

Wikipedia Entry – Location Based Services (LBS)

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Description: Discusses how GPS technologies differ from LBS.  Identifies the five key concepts of L-commerce: location, navigation, tracking, mapping & timing. Source: Wikipedia Date: 11/25/2010   Link: Discussion Questions: 1. What is L-commerce? 2. Servers that manage location information sent from position determining equipment: a. MPC b. PDE c. location based technology d. location specific content 3…. Read more »

eZine – History of Mobile Computing

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              Description: Link to article with chronology of mobile computing development.  The history helps us to better understand perhaps where we are going, and future trends. Source: Natalie Aranda, eZine Link: Discussion Questions: What have been the advantages & disadvantages associated with the development of mobile computing technology