How Xbox One could be a game-changer

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Discussion:  Microsoft’s new Xbox One may change how people interact with their gaming consoles.  Besides the updated hardware (including controller, CPU, and camera that uses detailed motion techniques) the non-gaming content on the console will be much improved.  Xbox is going to launch its own original TV content that will be available on the platform,… Read more »

Windows 8 vs. Windows RT: It matters. Let’s explain.

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Discussion:  On October 26, Microsoft released its totally redesigned, touch-enabled, Windows 8.  The new operating systems is a departure from its 3-decade-old PC operating systems in that it (among other things) is completely touch-enabled, and features a start screen as opposed to a start button, while still supporting legacy versions of Windows.  Windows RT does… Read more »

Kinect helps TV shows talk to your kid

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Discussion: By using the voice recognition and motion sensor software on Microsoft’s Kinect system for Xbox, TV shows like “Sesame Street” or “Nat Geo WILD” will be able to interact with their young viewers.  The new TV/game applications will allow the preschool audience to interact without using a mouse or a complicated controller.  Characters from… Read more »

Bing takes on Google with a ‘Pepsi Challenge’

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Discussion:  Microsoft’s Bing search engine is a distant second to Google, but they believe their search results are better.  Microsoft recently launched an advertising campaign, called “Bing on it”, that resembles the “Pepsi Challenge” of the 1980s.  The campaign posts results from a query side by side, stripped of any formatting, and ask users which… Read more »

E3: Xbox SmartGlass will link Microsoft’s console to tablets

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Discussion:  Microsoft’s Xbox consoles can now communicate with users’ smartphones and tablets.  Xbox’s new SmartGlass app, unveiled Monday at the E3 conference, allows users to control games with their touchscreen tablets, and also allows handhelds to act as controllers for the firm’s Internet Explorer web browser on users’ television screens.  Microsoft is allowing users to… Read more »

A visit to China’s secretive tech giant

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Discussion:  Huawei Technologies has a telecom system that connects a third of the world’s mobile phones and employs more people than either Cisco or Microsoft.  However, the company is  relatively unknown in North America due in large part to a lack of presence.  The company has a young (average age of 28) and dynamic work… Read more »

Can Windows 8 save the PC from extinction?

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Discussion:  Microsoft, and its radically redesigned and re-engineered Windows 8, is trying to reinstate the PC as the computing device of choice.  They contend that what users really want is a “PC on the go” with storage, processing power, and robust content creation tools, instead of just an iPad.  However, their toughest competition is already… Read more »

Smartphone growth in the U.S.: Nothing but blue sky ahead

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Discussion:  Accordig to Asymco’s Horace Dediu, and ComScore’s most recent U.S. smartphone data , smartphone growth is on the rise and shows no signs of stopping.  After studying the graph to the right, it becomes apparent that Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android are squeezing out the competition, and that there is a large market for… Read more »