Ray Kurzweil – Law of Accelerating Returns

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                   Description: Ray Kurzweil article.  In 2008, Polaris was launched as an artificial intelligence (AI) project.  Polaris had outperformed several of world’s top Texas Hold’em poker players in Las Vegas.  Polaris won three, humans two, with one draw, not unlike Deep Blue playing chess and beating champion, Gary Kasparov.  Polaris dealt… Read more »

Whitepaper – Top 10 Trends

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  Description: Whitepaper from Online Community Report on the Top 10 Trends in online communities.  Source: Jim Cashel Date: 2001 Link: http://www.providersedge.com/docs/km_articles/Top_Ten_Trends_for_Online_Communities.pdf Discussion Questions: What are some of the major business possibilities associated with this site?

SearchCIO.com – Web 2.0 Technologies for CIOs

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                    Description: Web 2.0 technologies, including blogs, mash-ups and Ajax, are changing the way people communicate online and could have profound implications for collaboration within the enterprise. Gathered here are our best articles and advice on how CIOs can get the most from the Web 2.0 revolution…. Read more »

Informit – Security Software Top 10 Surprises

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                    Description: Article listing the top 10 security surprises faced by nine executives running top software security programs. Source: Gary McGraw, Brian Chess, and Sammy Migues, Informit Link: http://higheredbcs.wiley.com/legacy/college/turban/0470287489/visual_lib/Chapter2/Informit_Article_Security_Software_Top_10_Surprises_2_43_A.htm Discussion Questions: At what price should we pay for security?