The scattered, futuristic world of home automation

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Discussion:  As our lives become more and more animated with all of our devices soon be connected online, the aspirational dream of an automated home is becoming a reality with major vendors peddling real, usable products, almost all controllable from a smartphone.  Objects such as cat feeders, blinds, door locks and sensors on your grandma’s tea pot that alert you when… Read more »

Explainer: What is the ‘Internet of Things?’

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Discussion:  At this year’s LeWeb conference, the main topic has been ‘the Internet of Things’.  The Internet of Things is the idea that any physical object can connect to the Internet and communicate with other objects to relay information to people.  This works by using  RFID, smartphones, and sensors to send information to the Internet.  In the future,… Read more »

Internet of things: Should you worry if your jeans go smart?

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Discussion:  There are many physical objects, or “things”, that are now on the internet with the help of RFID tags (referred to as the “Internet of Things”).  Jeans, or another object that has an RFID tag, could potentially track a person’s every movement and broadcast its location 24 hours a day.  Is this invasion of… Read more »