InfoWorld – Mary Kay Rejuvenates Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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            Description: Things will never look the same at Mary Kay, one of the larger direct sellers of cosmetics and skin care products, thanks to a wholesale conversion to Web-based supply-chain management, plus a new portal with revamped financial reporting capabilities. Source: Richard Gincel, InfoWorld Date: 11/24/2004 Link: CHAIN MANAGEMENT

InfoWeek – Pizza to Go

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                  Description: Microsoft’s planned acquisition of Tellme Networks adds to its growing portfolio of speech technologies. What’s different is how Tellme’s software is put to use: helping mobile phone users find what they want without the clumsy typing. Source:  Mary Hayes Weier and  J. Nicholas Hoover, InfoWeek Date:… Read more »

InfoWeek – Dartmouth College Goes Wireless

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                Description: Faced with a telecommunications infrastructure that’s unable to support its sprawling campus in rural New Hampshire, Dartmouth College is investing in wireless technology that will allow it to expand its main campus network to off-site buildings. Source:  Elena Malykhina, InfoWeek Date: 3/11/2005 Link: Discussion Questions: What types… Read more »

InfoWeek – E-Payment Provider Hit with Denial of Service

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              Description: InfoWeek article for discussion to do with denial of service (break downs beyond company control).  An online payment processor’s Web site recovered from a two-day denial-of-service (DoS) attack that knocked it out of commission, a U.K.-based Internet performance measuring company reported.’s site was unavailable for several hours… Read more »

InfoWeek – Positive Security: Worth The Work?

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  Description: Positive security, in which it whitelists everything from entire applications down to specific functions before allowing access, sounds extreme. Unfortunately, the desktop environments we know and love prioritize ease of use over security, and we’re all feeling the pain: More than half of respondents to our 2008 InformationWeek Analytics Strategic Security poll have been hit… Read more »

InfoWeek – AT&T Enterprise GPS

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      Description:  AT&T is teaming with TeleNav to beef up its enterprise global positioning system services, and it is offering a service that enables companies to track and monitor their vehicle fleets with embedded units.  The carrier said it was offering TeleNav Vehicle Tracker as part of its enterprise mobility services. Once installed,… Read more »