Really? IBM predicts the end of the digital divide in 5 years

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Discussion:  At their annual conference, IBM predicted that the digital divide, the divide between those who have digital devices and those who do not, would cease to exist in 5 years.  IBM predicts that because of price and increased ease of use, in five years digital devices will be available to everyone.  Many are skeptical… Read more »

Why big data is suddenly sexy

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Discussion:  The world is flooded with information, making the ability to harness this “big data” and use it to produce meaningful information, incalculable.  Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS, believes that his company is positioned to see 10% growth and expansion in the changing competitive environment by creating software that helps to “enable faster, better decision making by… Read more »

Cloud computing: How to get your business ready

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Discussion: Thanks to speed, scalability, and price, cloud computing is taking off on a massive scale.  As companies make plans to move into the cloud, experts advise mapping IT needs early for the right cloud strategy.  Microsoft’s Dave Coplin says, “Think of the cloud as a tool, an enabler, you have to think about what… Read more »

Broadband world: Connecting Africa

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Discussion: Thanks to three undersea Internet cables that began to arrive in June 2009, East Africa’s tech sector scored a major confidence boost.  As a growing number of private entrepreneurs work to establish Kenya as East Africa’s high-tech hub, the relatively stable government oversees a three million dollar pot of money to reward promising start-ups. … Read more »

IBM – The Future of SOA — A Service-Based Delivery Model with Web 2.0 Capabilities

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              Description: Article from IBM on the future of service oriented architecture.  Common trend is delivery of IT services that limit amount of responsibility & risk businesses must shoulder in acquiring & maintaining technology that enables core business functions.  Coty’s success of their growth strategy  depended upon IT implementations.  Trend… Read more »