HP PCs outpace Mac’s gains

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Discussion:  HP had a higher percentage of PC growth in the first quarter of 2011 than Mac, which does not happen very often.  HP’s PC sales in the US grew by 7%.  Industry analysts noted two reasons why HP was more successful than its competitors.  HP did a better job of securing hard drives after Thailand’s… Read more »

HP donates WebOS system code to open source developers

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Discussion:  HP announced that it is donating WebOS, its smartphone/tablet operating system, to open source developers.  HP said that they would continue to provide support for WebOS.  What it sounds like, from an observer’s point of view, is that HP could not get a buyer to purchase WebOS for their asking price, so they decided to “donate”… Read more »

Can Windows 8 save the PC from extinction?

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Discussion:  Microsoft, and its radically redesigned and re-engineered Windows 8, is trying to reinstate the PC as the computing device of choice.  They contend that what users really want is a “PC on the go” with storage, processing power, and robust content creation tools, instead of just an iPad.  However, their toughest competition is already… Read more »

HP kills TouchPad, looks to exit PC business

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Discussion:  Last week HP announced that it would no longer support its TouchPad, among other things, which had only been on the market for three weeks.  It also announced that it was going to buy British software developer Autonomy.  HP states that it is trying to transition into faster-growing, more profitable businesses like software, servers and corporate… Read more »