Hackers hit petition site Change.org, official says

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Discussion:  On Friday, online petition site, Change.org, was hacked.  Reports say that there were only “cosmetic” changes made, and that no personal information was compromised.  A spokesman for the company also noted that none of the 12 petitions that were targeted had its number of signatures affected.  It appears at this time that the petitions that were… Read more »

FBI probes Anonymous intercept of US-UK hacking call

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Discussion:  The hacking group, Anonymous, has posted and distributed an audio file obtained illegally of US and UK police forces discussing legal action against hackers.  The group also allegedly took down the Greek justice ministry in protest of the government’s signing of the copyright treaty and its handling of the economic crisis.  The FBI is… Read more »

‘Anonymous’ hackers hit security group

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Discussion:  A hacking group, Anonymous, hit its first mark over the Christmas season.  They acquired user names and account numbers from Stratfor, and Austin-based security company, and donated the stolen funds to charity.  They promised to hack other accounts over the Christmas holidays, with the goal of donating one million dollars to different charities across… Read more »

Ex-CIA official sounds alarm about hackers’ next targets

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Discussion:  The former director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, Cofer Black, stated that hackers, who may have started as pranksters, will tamper with the technology that runs real-world infrastructure.  This could ultimately impair National Security.  Black also noted that the act of hacking has moved “into physical destruction of a natural resource.”  At the conclusion… Read more »

PC World – Hacker Speak

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                Description: Article with definitions of a hacker’s language important to internal security. Source: Andrew Brandt, PC World  Link: http://pcworld.about.com/news/Apr022001id44370.htm Discussion Questions: Do you believe that known hackers should be employed within organizations as security “officers” or gurus of security?