Shodan: The scariest search engine on the Internet

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Discussion:  Google works by crawling the Web looking for websites; Shodan navigates the Internet’s back channels looking for things like servers, web cams, printers, and routers that are connected to make up the Internet.  Simple searches on Shodan allow visibility to traffic lights and security cameras–devices that do not have any kind of security built into them. … Read more »

Explainer: What is the ‘Internet of Things?’

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Discussion:  At this year’s LeWeb conference, the main topic has been ‘the Internet of Things’.  The Internet of Things is the idea that any physical object can connect to the Internet and communicate with other objects to relay information to people.  This works by using  RFID, smartphones, and sensors to send information to the Internet.  In the future,… Read more »

Solving ‘the Google problem’ key to ensuring the Internet’s success

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Discussion:  There are concerns that Google may have a monopoly over the Internet.  The Federal Trade Commission and European Commission have met and are investigating whether or not Google is violating anti-trust laws by using their monopoly as the dominant search engine to point users toward their own products.  Google is accused of fixing searches so that the results… Read more »

Google sued over Bettina Wulff search results

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Discussion:  The wife of a former German President is suing Google for the suggested search terms that pop up when her name is entered in the search engine. When Bettina Wulff is typed into Google’s search engine, suggested search terms include the words “prostitute” and “red light district”.  Google says the auto-generated text resembles what… Read more »

Bing takes on Google with a ‘Pepsi Challenge’

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Discussion:  Microsoft’s Bing search engine is a distant second to Google, but they believe their search results are better.  Microsoft recently launched an advertising campaign, called “Bing on it”, that resembles the “Pepsi Challenge” of the 1980s.  The campaign posts results from a query side by side, stripped of any formatting, and ask users which… Read more »

Google fined in Street View probe

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Discussion:  The FCC fined Google $25,000 for intentionally impeding and delaying an investigation into Street View, Google’s street mapping system.  Street view cars in 30 countries logged private information, such as passwords and email addresses, from unsecured Wi-Fi networks.  The FCC has significant questions about the Street View project, and have subpoenaed the Google engineer who… Read more »

A real-time ‘Seaview’ of the Great Barrier Reef

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Discussion:  Scientists have figured out how to broadcast a  real-time feed of the Great Barrier Reef that can be accessed online, with the help of Google’s StreetView.  The project, called the Catlin Seaview Survey, will provide a 360 degree view of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  A camera will travel from the surface to a depth… Read more »

Your face is being tracked

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Discussion:  Your face is being tracked in many different ways.  This article highlights six interesting and amazing ways that different technologies could be tracking your face.  Facial recognition software allows companies to tailor its advertising to different customers, as well as tracking the clientele that frequent different businesses.  This type of software even purports to be able… Read more »