Analyze your Facebook data with new Wolfram Alpha tool

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Discussion:  Facebook’s new Wolfram Alpha tool compiles all the little bits of information about you on Facebook–a picture here, a comment there–and creates a report that shows the essence  of you.  The report, complete with interactive graphs and statistics, will show your online patterns and habits.  Even the trails of information that you may not realize you… Read more »

Get deals with facial recognition camera

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Discussion:  Facedeals is a new app that allows users to receive coupons based on what they ‘like’ and the profile that they create on Facebook.  Facial recognition cameras will scan the users face, match it with their Facebook profile, and send the user coupons for the establishments that they are visiting.  Those opposed to the new… Read more »

Coding and Red Bull: Facebook holds all-night hacking session

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Discussion:  On the night before their $16 billion dollar IPO, Facebook employees participated in its traditional 31st annual all night “hackathon”, instead of drinking champagne and celebrating.  The only requirement is that employees work on a project that they would normally not do during their day job.  The reward for the all night “hackathon” is a t-shirt,… Read more »

App wants you to share enemies on Facebook

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Discussion:  Instead of bonding with friends over mutual affinities, a new Facebook app, EnemyGraph, encourages users to bond over things that they dislike.  Users are encouraged to list people, places, or things that they dislike, thus encouraging conversation and bringing together mutual haters.  If a friend happens to “like” something that is on your “dislike”… Read more »

FBI plans social network map alert mash-up application

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Discussion:  The FBI is designing an application that will combine information from many different social networking sites (such as Twitter and Facebook), highlight areas of interest or security concerns, and overlay them onto a map that could hypothetically show where different threats are located.  The FBI states that this is not an invasion of privacy… Read more »

Your face is being tracked

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Discussion:  Your face is being tracked in many different ways.  This article highlights six interesting and amazing ways that different technologies could be tracking your face.  Facial recognition software allows companies to tailor its advertising to different customers, as well as tracking the clientele that frequent different businesses.  This type of software even purports to be able… Read more »

Brief glitch let Facebook users see private photos

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Discussion:  A glitch in Facebook, discovered Tuesday, let users view photos marked as ‘private’ even if they weren’t a ‘friend’ of the poster.  The Facebook flaw highlights how easy it is to view, and even mistakenly view, personal information that is posted on Facebook, even if it is supposedly restricted to specific users.  Because of… Read more »