Solving ‘the Google problem’ key to ensuring the Internet’s success

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Discussion:  There are concerns that Google may have a monopoly over the Internet.  The Federal Trade Commission and European Commission have met and are investigating whether or not Google is violating anti-trust laws by using their monopoly as the dominant search engine to point users toward their own products.  Google is accused of fixing searches so that the results… Read more »

Google to show off mobile wallet for Android phones

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Discussion: Google is introducing a mobile payment platform that will turn its Android smartphone into a digital wallet.  Thanks to NFC (near field communication) technology, consumers can wave their phones in front of a reader at a checkout to purchase items or receive special offers.  The simplicity and convenience of this new e-wallet means less… Read more »

Inside Google’s China misfortune

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Discussion: On January 27, 2006, went live in China, and within a few months, Google China’s headquarters was outfitted with the usual frills: foosball tables, a fully equipped gym, massage room, a huge cafeteria with free meals.  But signs of a distressed relationship soon followed: unexplained outages, Google’s operating license was suddenly no longer… Read more »