How to Build a Better App

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The U.S. market for smart-phone applications has soared past $1.5 billion, thanks to ingenious developers like Ilene Jones, cofounder of IPhone’s Hurricane storm-tracking app and Derek James, creator of paid word and card games for Android.  Their advice: Flesh out your plan completely and think local when it comes to hiring a developer, find a… Read more »

Forbes –

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                  Description: Link to Forbes article on social networking sites that connect tens of millions of cybersurfers. Naturally, marketers want to capitalize on the phenomenon with their own virtual neighborhoods. Source: Date: 5/8/2006 Link: Discussion Questions: What does the author mean when referring to “their space”… Read more »

NewsWeek – The Future of Reading

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  Description: NewsWeek article about critical success factors within, particularly the Kindle. Source:  Steve Levy, NewsWeek Date: 11/17/2007 Link: Discussion Questions: What does Amazon have over its competition according to this article?