BusinessWeek: Math Will Rock Your World

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Description: A generation ago, quants turned finance upside down. Now they’re mapping out ad campaigns and building new businesses from mountains of personal data Source: BusinessWeek Date: 1/23/2006 Link:  Discussion Questions: What has math got to do with IT?

BusinessWeek – Slide Show Wiki Guide

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                  Description: Many companies rely on wikis to engage customers in ongoing discussions about products. Wikis for Motorola and T-Mobile handsets serve as continually updated user guides. TV networks including ABC and CBS are creating fan wikis that let viewers interact with each other as they unravel mysteries… Read more »

Business Link – Location-Based M-Commerce Service

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                  Description: Link to Business Link article for expanding discussion related to Location Based Services & Commerce. Source: Business Link Link: Discussion Questions: Compare & contrast LBS to GPS technology.

BusinessWeek – State of Surveillance

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    Description: Discussion of the pros & cons of higher security levels.  Tomorrow’s surveillance technology may be considerably more effective, but each uptick in protection will typically come at the cost of more intrusion into the privacy of ordinary people. For now, the public seems to find that trade-off acceptable, so scientists around the world have… Read more »