What the Apple-Samsung verdict means for your smartphone

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Discussion:  Apple won its nearly $1 billion dollar patent  lawsuit against Samsung–a decision that is likely to affect the entire smartphone industry.  Samsung was unable to prove that any of Apple’s patents were invalid, which means that other manufacturers, like Google, are probably going to change the way they do things to avoid a similar… Read more »

HP PCs outpace Mac’s gains

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Discussion:  HP had a higher percentage of PC growth in the first quarter of 2011 than Mac, which does not happen very often.  HP’s PC sales in the US grew by 7%.  Industry analysts noted two reasons why HP was more successful than its competitors.  HP did a better job of securing hard drives after Thailand’s… Read more »

Why Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is the next Steve Jobs

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Discussion:  Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, my be just the person to step up and fill the recent void in the technology industry–the void that  Steve Jobs’ ingenuity used to fill.  Bezos turned an online book seller into a multi-dimensional online retailer that will sell you just about anything, and also has become the most important provider of… Read more »

‘iPhone Doc’ rides on Apple’s coattails

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Discussion:  Dr. Brendan has seen its iPhone repair business boom as Apple’s popularity soars.  Dr. Brendan’s business, which repairs iPhones and other Apple computers and devices, is growing fast and showing no signs of slowing down.  The business is completely unsanctioned by Apple, but that fact has not affected sales thus far.  As Apple continues… Read more »

Can Windows 8 save the PC from extinction?

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Discussion:  Microsoft, and its radically redesigned and re-engineered Windows 8, is trying to reinstate the PC as the computing device of choice.  They contend that what users really want is a “PC on the go” with storage, processing power, and robust content creation tools, instead of just an iPad.  However, their toughest competition is already… Read more »

Smartphone growth in the U.S.: Nothing but blue sky ahead

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Discussion:  Accordig to Asymco’s Horace Dediu, and ComScore’s most recent U.S. smartphone data , smartphone growth is on the rise and shows no signs of stopping.  After studying the graph to the right, it becomes apparent that Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android are squeezing out the competition, and that there is a large market for… Read more »