FBI probes Anonymous intercept of US-UK hacking call

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Discussion:  The hacking group, Anonymous, has posted and distributed an audio file obtained illegally of US and UK police forces discussing legal action against hackers.  The group also allegedly took down the Greek justice ministry in protest of the government’s signing of the copyright treaty and its handling of the economic crisis.  The FBI is… Read more »

‘Anonymous’ hackers hit security group

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Discussion:  A hacking group, Anonymous, hit its first mark over the Christmas season.  They acquired user names and account numbers from Stratfor, and Austin-based security company, and donated the stolen funds to charity.  They promised to hack other accounts over the Christmas holidays, with the goal of donating one million dollars to different charities across… Read more »

LulzSec and Anonymous are the least of your hacker worries

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Is LulzSec’s odd cartoon logo the face of the new cyber super-villain? Discussion:  It may seem as if LulzSec and Anonymous pose a threat to your computer’s security, but their hijinks are minor compared to actual cyber villains – they are really more of a nuisance than a serious threat.  The motivation of Anonymous and the likes are mainly driven… Read more »