Android-Controlled Toilet Makes Your Non-Android Toilet Seem like a Throne of Spikes, Sandpaper and Lameness

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Discussion:  The Japanese have invented a smart toilet.  By logging in to the app that accompanies the toilet, you can view water usage statistics, it can compute toilet water usage as a percent of your total bill, and it tracks how often and for what purpose the toilet was used.  The Satis can also sense… Read more »

Smartphone growth in the U.S.: Nothing but blue sky ahead

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Discussion:  Accordig to Asymco’s Horace Dediu, and ComScore’s most recent U.S. smartphone data , smartphone growth is on the rise and shows no signs of stopping.  After studying the graph to the right, it becomes apparent that Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android are squeezing out the competition, and that there is a large market for… Read more »

Google to show off mobile wallet for Android phones

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Discussion: Google is introducing a mobile payment platform that will turn its Android smartphone into a digital wallet.  Thanks to NFC (near field communication) technology, consumers can wave their phones in front of a reader at a checkout to purchase items or receive special offers.  The simplicity and convenience of this new e-wallet means less… Read more »

Online photos: Are they the new digital fingerprint?

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Discussion: Digital photos on the Web may contain information revealing where and when the shot was taken and might even lead to the identification of the faces in the photo.  Coye Cheshire, A UC Berkeley professor, is researching people’s perceptions of the pictures they post online and he’s learning that people tend to perceive a… Read more »

Does your firm need its own mobile app?

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Discussion: ABI Research, a marketing intelligence company, says that almost 8 billion apps were downloaded in 2010.  Ebay claims 15 million people worldwide have downloaded its iPhone app in 190 countries and in eight different languages.  Clearly apps are popular but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are right for every business.  Apps are expensive and… Read more »