Amazon giving you free MP3s for CDs you bought

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Discussion:  Amazon recently launched AutoRip, which gives Amazon customers who have purchased CDs on Amazon anytime since 1998 access the the free MP3 versions of that music for free.  The service is now live, and can be accessed from any Cloud Player or other web-based music player.  Another feature of AutoRip is that customers who purchase a… Read more »

Why Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is the next Steve Jobs

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Discussion:  Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, my be just the person to step up and fill the recent void in the technology industry–the void that  Steve Jobs’ ingenuity used to fill.  Bezos turned an online book seller into a multi-dimensional online retailer that will sell you just about anything, and also has become the most important provider of… Read more »

Why companies are flocking to HTML5

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Discussion:  Apple and Microsoft have dubbed HTML5, the latest version of the Web’s original markup language, the “future of the internet”.  HTML5 is low in cost and flexible, making it extremely popular to users.  HTML5 is also shorthand for a set of features and capabilities intended to make web sites behave more like conventional desktop… Read more »

Cloud computing after Amazon and Sony: ready for primetime?

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Discussion: On the heels of two IT disasters at Amazon and Sony, analysts caution businesses to rethink their cloud strategy.  While cloud computing offers the advantages of both cost savings and ease of integrating diverse systems, every cloud service requires a different risk assessment.  Parallel infrastructures, multiple cloud service providers, or a hybrid cloud where… Read more »

Amazon explains its cloud disaster

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Discussion: Amazon’s cloud services recently suffered a massive crash that left many of its East Coast customers without access to their data, including dozens of websites.  The company cited a mistake made by engineers that triggered a cascade of other bugs and glitches, overwhelming the master system and causing a “brown out.”  Amazon spun the… Read more »

How 2010 tech changed retail forever

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Discussion: Long gone are the days when consumers crawled through newspaper ads and trekked to brick and mortar stores.  Through the power of the web, smartphone, and tablet, the American shopping experience has been forever changed.  Consumer online spending is up 12% from last year, and Black Friday online sales accounted for 34% of all… Read more »