Special-effects master pushes new movie format

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Discussion:  Special-effects giant,  Douglas Trumbull, has been very influential in shaping how movies are seen today.  Recently, he has devised a new movie format that shows movie frames at 120 frames per second, instead of the normal 24 frames per second.  This new technique would be especially beneficial in action movies, as action scenes tend to blur… Read more »

A 3-D pen that lets you draw objects in the air

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Discussion:  WobbleWorks, a startup company out of Boston, has created a pen that you wave in the air in order to create three-dimensional pictures.  They are calling it the 3Doodler, the world’s first 3-D printing pen.  The reaction to the pen on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site, has been phenomenal–they raised $1.1 million within 48 hours.  The pen works… Read more »

3D printed glasses are Fashion Week’s hottest accessory

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A model poses next to a MakerBot printer wearing 3D printed glasses. Discussion:  3D printed sunglasses by MakerBot were the hottest accessory on the Runway at Fashion Week.  The device allows users to download and scan designs which are then “printed” as physical objects.  The MakerBot machine was used at designer Asher Levine’s show, where… Read more »