Why mobile payments haven’t gone mainstream

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Discussion:  In early 2011 there was talk that mobile payments would be the next big thing with smartphones.  However, Christmas is almost here and mobile payments are nowhere to be seen.  Besides making charge purchses easier, NFC technology also may allow retailers to collect valuable informaiton about their consumers that could improve sales.  It seems as… Read more »

BusinessWeek – Slide Show Wiki Guide

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                  Description: Many companies rely on wikis to engage customers in ongoing discussions about products. Wikis for Motorola and T-Mobile handsets serve as continually updated user guides. TV networks including ABC and CBS are creating fan wikis that let viewers interact with each other as they unravel mysteries… Read more »

YouTube Video – What is a Wiki?

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Description: 2:34 minutes. Link to YouTube video describing wikis and use in business.  This is an opportunity to discuss pros & cons for business usage.  A wiki is a server software that allows users to freely create & edit Web page content. Wikis support hyperlinks & have simple text syntax for creating new pages & crosslinks between… Read more »

YouTube Video – Wikis in Plain English

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Description: 3: 52 minutes. Wikis support hyperlinks and have simple text syntax for creating new pages and crosslinks between internal pages.  Discuss implications to business.  Wikis are productivity enhancers due to simplicity and universality of use and application. Source: www.commoncraft.com, YouTube Video Date: 5/29/2007 Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dnL00TdmLY Discussion Questions: How are wikis productivity enhancers?