BYOA: Can anyone build their own business app?

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Discussion:  With the development of flexible platforms, individuals now have the capability to customize applications for their specific business purposes.  This is more efficient because users do not have to try to make their business processes fit into a generic application, instead they can build an application around their business.  In the IT field, there… Read more »

Conan 2.0

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Discussion: How does a self-proclaimed computer Luddite go from host of The Tonight Show to unemployed to a sold-out national comedy tour?  The power of social media transformed Conan O’Brien’s career from a late night television host with no show to an improv sensation on stages across the country.  And the numbers are impressive: Conan,… Read more »

Google’s Vint Cerf on web future

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Discussion: Vint Cerf, who helped design the architecture that the Internet is built on, is now the chief evangelist at Google.  In an interview with CNN, Cerf describes the Internet as a “giant tent, under which you can do almost anything you can imagine and program.”  Cerf praises the Egyptian people for using the Internet… Read more »

HR key to making IT Revolution 2.0 work

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The IT Revolution changed the world as we know it, creating a highly competitive, interconnected and globalized environment.  But its true success lies in the second phase of the Revolution: the ability of human beings to embrace change, adapt the technology, and optimize productivity.  Now that the solutions are primarily in human beings, rather than… Read more »

Wired – Let’s Learn from Facebook Terms-of-Service Flap

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              Description: Discusses the pros and cons of developing a social networking site.  Is it good for business?  It is unavoidable and can definitely be good for business, but it must be managed to be effective. Source: Ryan Singel, Wired Magazine Date: 2/18/2009 Link: Discussion Questions: 1. What can be… Read more »

Forbes –

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                  Description: Link to Forbes article on social networking sites that connect tens of millions of cybersurfers. Naturally, marketers want to capitalize on the phenomenon with their own virtual neighborhoods. Source: Date: 5/8/2006 Link: Discussion Questions: What does the author mean when referring to “their space”… Read more »

YouTube Video – Storage Virtualization

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Description: 1:56 minutes.  YouTube video about the creation of an homogenous storage facility virtually, called storage virtualization.  Allows for real time distribution of resources where they are needed and when.  Source: YouTube Video Date: 11/1/2007 Link: Discussion Questions: What is storage virtualization?  Why is it practical and cost effective? – The Next Net 25

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              Description: The Next Net will encompass all digital devices, from PC to cell phone to television. Its defining characteristics include the ability to interact instantaneously with any of the more than 1 billion Web users across the globe — not by, say, instant messaging, but by evolving instant-voice-messaging and… Read more » – Web 2.0 Technologies for CIOs

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                    Description: Web 2.0 technologies, including blogs, mash-ups and Ajax, are changing the way people communicate online and could have profound implications for collaboration within the enterprise. Gathered here are our best articles and advice on how CIOs can get the most from the Web 2.0 revolution…. Read more »

O’Reilly Media – What is Web 2.0?

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                Description: Article with specific stated purpose to clarify what Web 2.0 really is.  Discusses the exponential growth of technology and the internet, changes to business overall, and global neighborhoods.  Web 2.0 is platform for social computing.  Social computing has revolutionized business opportunities with the formation of communities for like-interest participants. Source: O’Reilly… Read more »