Basics of Machine Learning

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I teach a one-class session on Artificial Intelligence. In order to “open the black box” of AI, I use this simple but very information video to explain how machine learning works. Machine learning forms the basics of AI. Source: YouTube Date: December 13th, 2019 Link to 8 minute video:

Using Virtual Reality to Sell Homes

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Using VR to sell homes Source: CNN Date: August 25th, 2016 Link to video: Discussion 1) VR is not new, but it is clearly getting more mainstream.  What other applications would benefit from this VR sales approach? 2) Are there any additional privacy or security issues arising from the use of VR to make sales?

Vlogging: How you can build a billion dollar career

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  The world’s top video bloggers (vbloggers) can make up to $50,000 per day through advertising and affiliate marketing on their blog sites. Source: BBC News Date: March 11th, 2016 Link to video: Discussion 1) What are the attributes that make a vblogger interesting enough to get a substantial audience? 2) Is there a topic you are… Read more »

Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles”

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Discussion: Eli Pariser, author of “The Filter Bubble,” argues there is an invisible shift in how information is flowing on the web.  He cautions, “The Internet is showing us what it thinks we want to see, but not necessarily what we need to see.”  Calling them “filter bubbles,” Pariser describes this personalized Web search as… Read more »

Amazon explains its cloud disaster

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Discussion: Amazon’s cloud services recently suffered a massive crash that left many of its East Coast customers without access to their data, including dozens of websites.  The company cited a mistake made by engineers that triggered a cascade of other bugs and glitches, overwhelming the master system and causing a “brown out.”  Amazon spun the… Read more »

Report: iPhones secretly track their users’ locations

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Discussion: A team of researchers at iPhone Tracker recently discovered that iPhones and 3G-enabled iPads appear to be tracking and storing data about their users’ whereabouts without their knowledge.  Although most cell phone providers collect similar data as part of their operations, it is kept behind a firewall and normally requires a court order to… Read more »

Tech upstarts reveal the flaws in healthcare IT

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Discussion: In an ideal world, all hospitals would integrate their medical files via single online platforms and share patient information efficiently and accurately.  But as different hospitals adopt different IT products ad hoc, integrating these systems is very complicated.  So tech companies are focusing less on concentration of existing patient records and more on communication… Read more »

Inside Microsoft: Innovation still on the menu

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Discussion: If you think of Microsoft as big, sleepy and dull, their current R&D is certainly trying to prove otherwise.  Building on the success of the Xbox Kinect system, which racked up 8 million in sales in its first 60 days, Microsoft is developing natural user interfaces, a shift from the old graphical user interface. … Read more »

Google’s Vint Cerf on web future

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Discussion: Vint Cerf, who helped design the architecture that the Internet is built on, is now the chief evangelist at Google.  In an interview with CNN, Cerf describes the Internet as a “giant tent, under which you can do almost anything you can imagine and program.”  Cerf praises the Egyptian people for using the Internet… Read more »