Uber’s Plan to Launch Flying Cars in LA by 2020 Really Could Take Off

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Instead driving my car in heavy traffic I’d whip out my phone and pull up UberAIR in the company’s app. I’d head to the roof of the nearest tall building and hop into the gleaming white helicopter-drone hybrid thing waiting there to lift me up and over the traffic at 200 mph. Source: Wired Magazine Date: November… Read more »

Google: driverless cars now have better understanding of city driving

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Discussion: Everyone has heard the hype about the Google driverless cars. However, is it actually possible? Will Google thinks so and has just announced these latest software updates: “More comprehensive and detailed maps to include curbs and different types of traffic signals.” “Improvements in detecting objects around the vehicle – classifying pedestrians and cyclists separately… Read more »

UBER on Moving into Resistant Markets

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Discussion: The taxi industry is now facing competition, which hasn’t happened in a couple of decades. Over the last three and half years, Uber has evolved as a new competitor in the transportation market. They are now in 30 cities around the world and are avenging 20% growth, from month to month. Uber’s principle is… Read more »