Russian internet users are learning how to beat Putin’s internet crackdown

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Source: CNN Date: March 24th, 2022 Link: Discussion Make sure students understand that all a VPN does is to wrap internet traffic in encryption. As a result, no one can see what is being sent and received, as well as also hiding where and from where the traffic is going. ” Russian internet users also… Read more »

BBC News launches ‘dark web’ Tor mirror

Posted by & filed under Cyber Security, The Internet. The BBC has made its international news website available via the Tor network, in a bid to thwart censorship attempts. The Tor browser is privacy-focused software used to access the dark web. The browser can obscure who is using it and what data is being accessed, which can help people avoid government surveillance and censorship…. Read more »

How bad information goes viral

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There’s a huge amount of misleading information circulating online about coronavirus – from dodgy health tips to speculation about government plans. This is the story of how one post went viral. It’s a list of tips and advice – some true, some benign, and some possibly harmful – which has been circulating on Facebook, WhatsApp,… Read more »

The fight to keep the internet free and open to everyone

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In 2013, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg released a 10-page white paper outlining his new vision, titled “Is Connectivity a Human Right?”. It contained “a rough proposal for how we can connect the next five billion people”,  with help from a consortium of tech companies christened Not only did Zuckerberg’s plan include broadening access to existing telecommunications networks,… Read more »

SpaceX will launch its first 60 satellites to deliver internet from space

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SpaceX wants to beam cheap broadband internet all over the planet. It’s gearing up for the first crucial step toward making that a reality.Elon Musk’s rocket company will try to deliver a batch of 60 satellites into low-Earth orbit, the first for a megaconstellation of satellites that SpaceX is calling Starlink. The launch could happen sometime next week.It was scheduled to take… Read more »

Happy Birthday internet! 33 years old today

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Discussion: The Web turned 33 years old this week. Can you even remember what it was like back then? Their was no pictures, no music and no color, and it could take a COUPLE OF MINUTES to load a page. If a webpage takes longer than 3 seconds I start getting annoyed. “It’s like coffee… Read more »

Giving the entire world internet capability

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About 57% of the world population is offline — mostly because of unavailable Internet in poor or rural countries. Google, Facebook, SpaceX and other outfits plan to beam the Internet from either low-orbiting satellites or high-flying drones and balloons. Source: CNN Tech Date: November 11th, 2015 Source (has a short video): Discussion 1) The article says that “In… Read more »