How 3 brothers solved a tech glitch that was crashing Alberta’s COVID-19 vaccine booking tool

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Within minutes of its 8 a.m. opening on Wednesday morning, the Alberta system allowing seniors to book for the COVID-19 vaccine had crashed. By noon, a trio of Edmonton brothers had figured out the problem on the website and posted a solution on Twitter to help others sidestep the glitch. The issue, according to Kory Mathewson,… Read more »

Students struggle as school goes online-only in 4 provinces after Christmas break

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Ellen and Rafael Robles tried to have everything in order for Monday morning when their son, Bento, started school virtually after the holiday break rather than in person: a good desk, chair, headphones and an iPad. Still, the morning got off to a rocky start for the family in Woodbridge, a suburb of Vaughan, Ont., north of Toronto. “The… Read more »

What cities can learn from the biggest battery-powered electric bus fleet in North America

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The largestbattery poweredelectric bus fleet in North America is Canadian. Toronto’s transit system is now running 59 electric buses from three suppliers. And Canadian pioneers like Toronto offer lessons for other transit systems aiming to transition to greener fleets for the low-carbon economy of the future. Diesel buses are some of the noisier, more polluting… Read more »

Mi’kmaq-designed software helps communities see how climate change could impact them

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Mi’kmaq-designed software that blends 3D modelling, laser scanning and environmental data is being developed to help communities in the Atlantic region prepare for the potential catastrophic results of climate change.   The online application, developed by 3D Wave Design, a Nova Scotia-based 3D animation and communications company, allows users to simulate conditions like storm surge, inland flooding and wildfires, using real environmental,… Read more »

Iowa caucus: Chaos at key vote as results delayed

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Results from voting in Iowa, the first round in the contest to pick a Democratic candidate to face President Donald Trump, have been plunged into chaos by apparent technology issues. The state’s Democratic party said the holdup was a “reporting issue”, adding that it expected to “have numbers to report later today [Tuesday]”. Source: BBC… Read more »

Is “New Stack” the Future of Business Software

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In the digital era, businesses now rely on a staggering number of critical applications to support their operations, so the need for rapid, flexible software development is directly connected to business success. Application updates are more frequent than ever, change is continuous, and everyone expects tomorrow’s functionality today. This need to improve—and improve faster—has pushed… Read more »