Why blame social media for the behaviour of its toxic users? We’re letting the people spreading hate off the hook

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Social media platforms have become the latest villains in the headlines. I find it alarming that we are looking to vilify the sites rather than the users that abuse them. As soon as we start blaming the platforms for wrongdoing, we are allowing the people who are spreading toxicity to simply throw their hands up… Read more »

Social media giants continue to harm democracy and it’s evident during this election

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The trolls accosting Justin Trudeau at campaign stops across Canada are hardly the first to bring the worst of Facebook to real life. “Death to Trudeau” memes have been dominant on Facebook for years. The guy who packed his truck full of guns and drove through the gates of Rideau Hall in search of the… Read more »

Webscape: A toolkit for start-ups

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From sites which offer tips from successful entrepreneurs and business people to a daily email of key news events, this video rounds up some of the best tools for those starting a business. Source: BBC News Date: January 30, 2015 Link (to be pasted into browser): http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02hv80g Discussion 1) Why do you think these entrepreneurs… Read more »

The social network where no one knows your name

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Discussion:  Social Number, a new social networking site that assigns users a number rather than using a name, handle, or thumbnail photo, strives to create an atmosphere of anonymity for its users.  The site encourages users to discuss things such as a bad job, hot button issues, or substance abuse problems without the threat of linking them to… Read more »

Snapchat’s ‘disappearing’ videos don’t actually vanish

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Discussion:  Snapchat is a messaging app whose trail of messages disappears after the user views the item.  When a user sends an image, they can choose how long the receiver has to view it, picking a time frame of up to 10 seconds after opening.  Then it vanishes.  A newly discovered security flaw in the app is… Read more »