Ameca Humanoid Robot AI Platform

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Source: Ameca Date: January 19th, 2022 Link to 41 second video: Discussion Why is it important to have such a close-to-perfection humanoid robot? The “uncanny valley” is a term used for when a robot (or video) is close to human, but not perfect, and humans just get creeped out by this. Does this cross… Read more »

The robot chefs that can cook your Christmas dinner

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If you are dreading having to cook your family’s Christmas Day dinner then you are definitely not alone. But for future Christmases there is now a new alternative – get a robot chef to do everything. A number of tech firms are now developing robots that can cook and plate up entire meals, both for… Read more »

On patrol with a real-life Robocop

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It’s not like the gun-toting Robocop in the film, but police say this robot is helping to bring crime rates down. Source: BBC Technology News Date: December 10th, 2021 Link to 2 minute 25 second video: Discussion What are some issues with using robots for security? How might you build a business around robotics… Read more »

A robot housebuilder

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This robotic housebuilder is not a 3d-printing approach to building houses. It is much closer to the automotive approach to building cars. Source: In The Know Date: October 27th, 2021 Link: Discussion When does it makes sense to use a robotic housebuilder over 3D-printing a house? What other applications could be used for this… Read more »

How technology is transforming Japan’s agriculture

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Japan’s manufacturing sector is renowned for cutting-edge techniques based on the philosophy of continuous improvement. In contrast, the nation’s agricultural sector is characterised by an ageing workforce that relies heavily on time-honoured practices. Now, however, industrial technology is helping modernise Japan’s agriculture sector and increase exports. In 2019, Japan’s combined annual exports of agricultural, forestry… Read more »

High-tech bottle depot in Bowness sorts, counts and issues refund 10 times quicker

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A new bottle depot in Bowness is adapting smart technology to make recycling easier. Bowridge Bottle Depot features a fully automated system that sorts and counts containers more efficiently and provides accurate refunds.  That means shorter wait times and no shortchanging, says general manager Kulwant Dhillon. “This technology sorts and counts 86 per cent of our stream that… Read more »

The robot assistant that can guess what you want

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Source: BBC Business News Date: May 27th, 2020 Link: Discussion What sort of business or service could you build around this robot assistant? What sorts of roles can robots NOT help with?