Microsoft Says It’s True: Cat Videos Distract Workers

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Economists have been puzzled in recent years by the so-called “productivity paradox,” the fact that the digital revolution of the past four decades hasn’t resulted in big gains in output per worker as happened with earlier technological upheaval. Many developed economies have actually seen productivity stagnate or decline. Source: Bloomberg Date: February 15th, 2018 Link: Discussion 1) The “productivity paradox” was… Read more »

HR key to making IT Revolution 2.0 work

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The IT Revolution changed the world as we know it, creating a highly competitive, interconnected and globalized environment.  But its true success lies in the second phase of the Revolution: the ability of human beings to embrace change, adapt the technology, and optimize productivity.  Now that the solutions are primarily in human beings, rather than… Read more »

Moore’s Productivity Paradox

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              Description: Moore’s Law & the Productivity Paradox. New technologies will likely allow phenomenal growth to continue.  Advances in network technologies & storage, compared to those in chip technology, even more profound.  Source: Gordon Moore, intel Link: Discussion Questions: 1. What is the productivity paradox?  Give examples. 2. Productivity paradox: a. Price-to-performance… Read more »