Tech is about to shake up financial services four different ways. Here’s how you’ll benefit

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Source: Toronto Daily Star Date: January 2nd, 2023 Link: Discussion “Richer, faster payments drive efficiency and opportunity: Modern advances in digital banking have brought real-time payments, such as e-transfer or QR code payments, to the forefront”In what ways is it going to be important for anyone doing anything with payments to have an MIS… Read more »

AI can improve Ontario’s health care system at lower costs

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Getting more for less is the consumer Holy Grail, but it’s rarely fulfilled. Yet by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) solutions into our health system, this is exactly what Canadians could get: better care at lower costs, freeing up resources to deliver faster and more integrated care. However, to fully realize health AI’s potential, researchers need… Read more »

Proposed data privacy law favour industry over individuals

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The stated objective of Canada’s private sector data protection law reform bill is to balance the privacy rights of individuals with industry’s need to collect and use their personal data. In other words, it is about the vulnerability of individuals in the face of the desire of industry to get the data it wants within… Read more »

Google sued in US over ‘deceptive’ location tracking

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The legal action refers to a widely reported 2018 revelation turning off one location-tracking setting in its apps was insufficient to fully disable the feature. It accuses Google of using so-called dark patterns, marketing techniques that deliberately confuse. Google said the claims were inaccurate and outdated. The legal action was filed in the District of Columbia…. Read more »

Should we trust big tech with our health data?

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Sitting, tablet in hand, I’m playing a weird kind of cognitive video game. Split-second images flash in front of me, and I’m supposed to indicate with my thumbs whether I’d seen an animal or something else. It’s fun, and over in just 60 seconds. But there’s a serious intention here. “It’s a kind of early… Read more »

Digital privacy law is being updated for the first time in decades, and it’s imperative we get it right

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Canadian legislators in the House of Commons recently introduced Bill C-11 to enact the Consumer Privacy Protection Act. Bill C-11 embodies the principles of Canada’s Digital Charter, which envisions the internet as a tool for both innovation and the public good.  Over the past year, Canadians — just like much of the world — have increasingly lived… Read more »

Mall real estate company collected 5 million images of shoppers, say privacy watchdogs

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The real estate company behind some of Canada’s most popular shopping centres embedded cameras inside its digital information kiosks at 12 shopping malls in major Canadian cities to collect millions of images — and used facial recognition technology without customers’ knowledge or consent — according to a new investigation by the federal, Alberta and B.C. privacy commissioners…. Read more »

Apple is tracking iPhones stolen from its stores

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iPhones stolen in lootings of Apple stores in the US are tracked, disabled and the local authorities notified, according to messages displayed on their screens. Apple has temporarily closed some of its US stores following a series of attacks, amid protests over the death of George Floyd. Several images of the warnings have been shared… Read more »

Coronavirus contact-tracing: World split between two types of app

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Countries around the world are developing Covid-19 smartphone apps to limit the spread of coronavirus and relax lockdown restrictions. It’s hoped the information they gather can be used to alert people whether they pose a risk of spreading the contagion, and need to isolate. But, over recent weeks, a split has emerged between two different… Read more »