Music industry as tough as it has always been, watchdog says

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Source: BBC Technology News Date: September 15th, 2022 Link: Discussion The issue here is that the digital distribution of music has led to “138 billion streams in the UK last year”, which is great for listeners, but “pitiful returns” for artists. Is this the fault of technology and digital distribution, is it the fault… Read more »

This Kitchener entrepreneur is bulldozing stereotypes in construction

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Erin Stephenson is co-founder of DOZR, a Kitchener-based digital marketplace that contractors turn to when they need to rent heavy machinery like a backhoe or bulldozer. “Typically, when you need construction equipment, you need it now,” Stephenson says. But in the past, the equipment rental market has had little transparency around rates and availability — driving… Read more »

Hundreds of K-pop songs disappear from Spotify

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Hundreds of popular K-pop songs have been removed from Spotify, amid a dispute with South Korean music distributor Kakao M. Releases by popular acts including Sistar, IU, Monsta X and Epik High have vanished, leaving fans frustrated. Spotify said its “existing licensing deal” with Kakao M had “come to an end” but it hoped the… Read more »