How these independent Toronto artists are leveraging NFTs, ‘digital gold’ and augmented reality to elevate their work

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A little over a week after independent Toronto musician Seth Dyer released his “Act One — Outcast” album, he had sold just one copy. But he was excited. Why? That one copy sold for $1,000, or around half an Ethereum, to someone who purchased it via, a marketplace for NFT digital art. “It might sound… Read more »

Scarcity Cred

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Any firm that approaches $1T in value has tapped into a basic human instinct. Consuming, signalling, loving, and praying have been the fuel of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google’s ascents, respectively. That the crypto asset class universe has reached $2T reveals, I believe, that it taps into two attributes we instinctively pursue: trust and scarcity. Source: No… Read more »

‘There’s literally no limit’: NFTs could soon be used for cars, real estate: Experts

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The first time most Canadians heard the term “non-fungible tokens” was likely after a recent blockbuster Christies auction for a piece of digital art. However, experts expect the technology to move far beyond the art world into everyday life — though nobody knows for sure how they will be used. NFTs — which are essentially… Read more »