Business analytics: how to make sense of big data

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Discussion:  Three questions are posed to Keith Collins, CTO of SAS Institutes, in this interview.  He highlights that the most pressing question on the mind of many businesses is how to harness and make sense of the massive amounts of data that is now available on the internet.  Collins also notes that business analyses and high… Read more »

What providers can do to make IT systems communicate better

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In a recent Bain & Company survey, hospital Chief Information Officers (CIOs) ranked their most urgent priority: the computer software system’s inability to exchange and make use of data within their own hospital.  If medical records, referrals, and orders don’t move seamlessly among physicians and hospitals, healthcare costs rise and healthcare delivery worsens.  The U.S…. Read more »

YouTube Video – Master Data Management TIBCOSoftware

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Description: 2:37 minutes. YouTube video describing the MDM process in which companies integrate data from various sources or enterprise applications to provide a more unified view of the data.  The data is consolidated from various data sources into a master reference file, which then feeds data back to the applications, thereby creating accurate and consistent data… Read more »

YouTube Video – Master Data Management

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Description: 9:22 minutes. YouTube video for discussion is focused around data integration, data quality and data warehousing.  An MDM includes tools for cleaning and auditing the master data elements as well as tools fro integrating & synchronizing data to make the data more accessible.  Source: Ted Friedman, YouTube Video  Date: 10/20/2008 Link: Discussion Questions: What must be… Read more »

CIO Magazine – Demystifying MDM

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Description: Article from for further discussion surrounding the topic of MDM.  Organizations must understand that improving their data—and building the foundation for MDM—requires them to address internal disagreements and broken processes. Staff must agree on exactly what constitutes a “customer” or a “partner,” and how to resolve any disagreements across business units. Departments and divisions… Read more »