Vendor Risk Management – the Importance of Vendor Vetting

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Most of us wouldn’t trust just anyone to watch our children, home, or pets, right? And we typically don’t hire just anyone who applies for employment, do we? What about the guy living out of his van offering low cost tax prep? Probably not your first choice this tax season. It’s our instinct to take… Read more »

Wireless technology trades one cord for another

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As I add more cordless, smart and rechargeable stuff to my life, I’ve run more into a mundane but real issue: I still have too many cords to deal with when it’s time to charge them.  And there’s no good solution. Source: Toronto Star / Washington Post Date: May 18th, 2017 Link: Discussion 1) This is similar… Read more »

Can laws keep up with tech world?

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This week a Brazilian judge ordered the text messaging service WhatsApp shut down for 48 hours. It was a monumental action. WhatsApp is the most popular app in Brazil, used by about 100 million people. The Brazilian telecoms hate the service because it entices people away from more expensive text messaging services, and they have been… Read more »

European schools told to drop Dropbox

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The European Court of Justice recently ruled that US firms signed up to what is called a “Safe Harbour scheme” with European companies could no longer be automatically considered to provide “adequate protection” to personal data they had received from the EU.  The “Safe Harbour scheme” was put in place to allow European companies to store data… Read more »

Microsoft boss Nadella on Windows 10

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Satya Nadella has been at the helm at Microsoft since February 2014. Windows 10, which was released globally on Wednesday, is his most important milestone yet. Source: BBC News Date: September 22nd, 2015 Link: Discussion 1) The article claims “this is the most important milestone for the new CEO of Microsoft”.  Why is Windows 10 so… Read more »

Google’s new “lego block” phone

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Google’s new prototype of its modular smartphone with swappable components, will allow users to “be the designer of their own phone” Source: The Verge Date: September 9th, 2015 Link: Discussion 1) The ability to hot-swap (change a component without switching the device off) parts of a phone seems like it might be more gimmicky than useful – after… Read more »

Is the Internet broken, and can it even be fixed?

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Our modern global communications infrastructure still relies on core principles that were defined when the Internet had only a few thousand users. We have faster computers, more storage space, and more people using the network, but worryingly, some of the key assumptions haven’t changed. As an example, take the protocol that helps determine how data… Read more »

Kim Dotcom on his new file-sharing site, Mega

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Discussion:  Kim Dotcom, the world’s most controversial Internet tycoon, recently released his new file sharing program, Mega.  Mega offers all-encrypted storage for files that can’t be opened by anyone–even the host.  Dotcom’s previous file sharing business, Megaupload, had around 50 million unique users in its prime, none of whom have regained access to their files since… Read more »

CES keynote: Young people today are ‘born mobile’

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Discussion:  Chip-maker Qualcomm’s CEO, Paul Jacobs, kicked off 2013’s Consumer Electronics Show with a speech that highlighted the expansion of mobile toechnology beyond smartphones and tablets.  Jacobs noted that 84% of people worldwide say they can’t go a day without their mobile device, and check them about 150 times a day.  The tech industry assumes… Read more »

Windows 8 vs. Windows RT: It matters. Let’s explain.

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Discussion:  On October 26, Microsoft released its totally redesigned, touch-enabled, Windows 8.  The new operating systems is a departure from its 3-decade-old PC operating systems in that it (among other things) is completely touch-enabled, and features a start screen as opposed to a start button, while still supporting legacy versions of Windows.  Windows RT does… Read more »