Microsoft boss Nadella on Windows 10

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Satya Nadella has been at the helm at Microsoft since February 2014. Windows 10, which was released globally on Wednesday, is his most important milestone yet. Source: BBC News Date: September 22nd, 2015 Link: Discussion 1) The article claims “this is the most important milestone for the new CEO of Microsoft”.  Why is Windows 10 so… Read more »

High-tech shack brings solar power to slums

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Discussion:  This iShack, or improved shack, is equipped with a solar panel that can power lights and a mobile phone charger, and may soon change the windswept slums that house 62% of the urban population in Sub-Saharan Africa.  This dwelling is intended to raise the living standards of slum residents while improving their access to electricity… Read more »

How cell phone companies prepare for hurricanes

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Discussion:  As tropical storm Isaac heads toward Florida, wireless network providers are working hard to shore up their systems to ensure that there is no disruption in service.  Severe winds and blackouts can knock out cell towers, which disrupt communications for citizens as well as emergency crews and rescue workers.  As the storm approaches, carriers… Read more »

London to test ‘smart city’ operating system

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Discussion:  In a neighborhood in London, there is an operating system being tested that will connect utilities and services with citizens.  The ‘smart city’, located in the Greenwich peninsula, is testing an operating systems that aims to connect services such as water, transport, and energy with the people who live in the area.  Smart lamp posts… Read more »

Itsy-bitsy teeny cell towers are coming

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Discussion:  As smart phone and tablet usage soars, the capacity of cell towers is being overloaded.  In order to remedy this problem, cell phone companies have come up with mini-cell towers placed in more frequent locations.  The small cells are much more efficient at utilizing the diminishing wireless spectrum.  The tiny towers can cut down… Read more »

FCC scrambles to cope with data avalanche

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Discussion:  The need for space to transmit the growing amount of data on smartphones and other handheld devices is expanding exponentially, and will soon overrun the current capacity.  The FCC is trying to come up with  a solution to help solve this problem, and so far the answer is to capture the staticy space between… Read more »

When to pull the plug on old software

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Discussion:  Technology changes so fast and so often that sometimes it may seem as if software, for example, is outdated as soon as it is implemented.  Software companies need to find a balance between accommodating old software in new updates, and considering the old software obsolete.  If software companies choose to make new software and updates compatible… Read more »

Cloud computing after Amazon and Sony: ready for primetime?

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Discussion: On the heels of two IT disasters at Amazon and Sony, analysts caution businesses to rethink their cloud strategy.  While cloud computing offers the advantages of both cost savings and ease of integrating diverse systems, every cloud service requires a different risk assessment.  Parallel infrastructures, multiple cloud service providers, or a hybrid cloud where… Read more »

Tech upstarts reveal the flaws in healthcare IT

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Discussion: In an ideal world, all hospitals would integrate their medical files via single online platforms and share patient information efficiently and accurately.  But as different hospitals adopt different IT products ad hoc, integrating these systems is very complicated.  So tech companies are focusing less on concentration of existing patient records and more on communication… Read more »

Startup mating rituals 101

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Discussion: TechStarsNY, one of the most successful tech incubators in the country, recently hosted Demo Day, a ritual that allows young startups to strut their stuff in front of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and the media.  Illuminated through a series of slides or videos, the startup founder begins with a problem – i.e. digital billboards aren’t… Read more »