Digital Solutions Can Help Even the Poorest Nations Prosper

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AMONG THE SPENDING choices for governments of poorer nations, kick-starting the technological revolution may at first seem like a low priority. Compared with critical infrastructure, healthcare, or schools, improved digital access and less waiting times for birth certificates feel like luxuries that should come further down the road, or perhaps be left to private enterprise. But… Read more »

Why didn’t electricity immediately change manufacturing?

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For investors in, WebVan and eToys, the bursting of the dotcom bubble came as a bit of a shock. Companies like this raised vast sums on the promise that the worldwide web would change everything. Then, in the spring of 2000, stock markets collapsed. Some economists had long been sceptical about the promise of computers. In… Read more »

Why Microsoft Bought LinkedIn

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  Microsoft recently purchased the professional networking site LinkedIn for $26.2 billion dollars.  Is it a good fit? Source: Wall Street Journal Date: September 13th, 2016 Link: Discussion 1) Microsoft “hopes to jump-start its software packages by connecting them with LinkedIn’s vast network” of 400 million users.  “Hopes” seems a little weak a word when you spend $26.2… Read more »

Ron Bouganim is transforming “the operating system of government.”

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Source: CNN Date: February 25th, 2016 Link: Discussion 1) Comment on Ron’s statement that “since government is the glue of society, I can’t think of a more scalable way to have personal impact every day.” 2) “The government isn’t typically known as a bastion of innovation, but Ron Bouganim is banking on changing that perception.”  Are there… Read more »

4 Things Microsoft Still Does Well

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Discussion: 4 Things Microsoft Still Does Well: 1. Mobile OS Design 2. Office Suite Software 3.Gaming Consoles 4. Internet Explorer Okay: that’s a joke. 4. Secrecy Source: TIME Date: February 6th, 2014 Link: Questions for discussion: What is another area that you think Microsoft does well at?

Radically rethinking the bus system

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Discussion:  Phillips, the giant electronics company, is designing a new bus system that will revolutionize public transportation.  Commuting by bus hasn’t changed for decades, and Phillips believes the industry is ready for some drastic changes.  One of the biggest changes will be an app that should reduce the occurrence of empty busses driving predetermined routes.  Using the app, passengers will be able to… Read more »

London to test ‘smart city’ operating system

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Discussion:  In a neighborhood in London, there is an operating system being tested that will connect utilities and services with citizens.  The ‘smart city’, located in the Greenwich peninsula, is testing an operating systems that aims to connect services such as water, transport, and energy with the people who live in the area.  Smart lamp posts… Read more »

Itsy-bitsy teeny cell towers are coming

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Discussion:  As smart phone and tablet usage soars, the capacity of cell towers is being overloaded.  In order to remedy this problem, cell phone companies have come up with mini-cell towers placed in more frequent locations.  The small cells are much more efficient at utilizing the diminishing wireless spectrum.  The tiny towers can cut down… Read more »

Tablet time: Businesses turn to consumer gadgets

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Tablet time: Businesses turn to consumer gadgets Discussion:  The tablet, originally marketed as a consumer device, is quickly finding its place in the business world.  By downloading a specific app, the tablet turns into a cash register that not only reduces costs (new cash registers are far more expensive than tablets), but also increases the… Read more »