Why Spotify Can’t Scale Like Netflix

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Spotify Technology SA wants to be the next Netflix Inc. Both are pioneers in getting people to pay for a digital entertainment buffet—Spotify’s chief financial officer even had the same job at Netflix.   But the economics of music streaming are very different from video. Source: Bloomberg Date: March 27th, 2018 Link: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-23/why-spotify-can-t-scale-like-netflix Discussion 1) “Spotify’s product—35 million songs—costs the company more… Read more »

Can we be persuaded to pay for online news?

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Got any idea of how to make money from news in the online era? Well prepare for the media giants to beat a path to your door, as they struggle with plunging print advertising revenues and an audience that seems to think news should be free. Source: BBC Technology news Date: December 1st, 2015 Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-34943524 Discussion… Read more »

The Global Amazon Landscape

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Many Amazon Associates are unaware of the full scale of Amazon’s global footprint. To cater to their global audience and because of differences like currency, language, shipping, and digital rights restrictions, Amazon has created 14 different storefronts around the world. 11 of these offer both physical and digital goods in countless categories. 12 of these… Read more »

European schools told to drop Dropbox

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The European Court of Justice recently ruled that US firms signed up to what is called a “Safe Harbour scheme” with European companies could no longer be automatically considered to provide “adequate protection” to personal data they had received from the EU.  The “Safe Harbour scheme” was put in place to allow European companies to store data… Read more »

Radiohead front man and BitTorrent: “Major labels have given up on selling music”

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Discussion: Matt Mason is the chief content officer at BitTorrent, and the driving force behind the company’s “Bundles” initiative, which gets musicians, filmmakers, authors and other creators to release their work packaged up as torrent files, with fans unlocking the full contents usually by entering their email address. Kaskade, DJ Shadow, Moby, De La Soul,… Read more »

Game of Thrones premiere sets piracy record

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Discussion:  The Sunday night season 3 premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones topped the modern-day piracy record when more than 1 million viewers downloaded the episone in the first day after it aired.  TorrentFreak, a piracy tracker, said that at one time 163,000 people were simultaneously sharing a single torrent, which beat the previous record… Read more »

What the Apple-Samsung verdict means for your smartphone

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Discussion:  Apple won its nearly $1 billion dollar patent  lawsuit against Samsung–a decision that is likely to affect the entire smartphone industry.  Samsung was unable to prove that any of Apple’s patents were invalid, which means that other manufacturers, like Google, are probably going to change the way they do things to avoid a similar… Read more »

Could patent wars hinder innovation?

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Discussion:  Patents were established to protect the rights of the innovator.  With a product like software, however, building off newer and better programs is an essential part of a dynamic business model.  When  a patent is in place, the process of building new software becomes a problem because many different people may have claim to… Read more »