‘Frontiers are made, not opened’ — We have the creativity, knowledge and tools to build the digital future we want

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In the creation of a new digital frontier, we are the unpaid labour. Dedicating hours of our days to scrolling, swiping and liking, the data generated by internet users is powering its continued expansion. Where it goes, no one knows, but the answers should lie with us, argues Nicole Aschoff, author of “The Smartphone Society.”… Read more »

CES2020: Sex Tech

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CES has welcomed sex tech this year. But blink and you might miss it. There are no more than half a dozen stands, and most are tucked away in a far corner of one of Las Vegas’s vast conference halls. They are being hosted under the umbrella of the Health and Wellness zone. Several feature… Read more »

Oil pumpjacks and the changing Alberta landscape

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The oil producing equipment is not going extinct like the traditional grain elevator, but just as technology changed how agriculture companies built their terminals, innovation is altering the number, size and placement of pumpjacks. For much of the last century, oil wells were similar to drilling a water well — they were vertical. That changed in… Read more »

FCC Approves SpaceX to Launch New, ‘Very-Low-Earth-Orbit,’ Internet-Beaming Satellites

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In a move that is expected to expand satellite Internet connectivity, the US Federal Communications Commission unanimously voted Thursday to allow SpaceX and three other companies to deploy new satellites systems. The approval allows Elon Musk’s company to operate more than 7,000 “very-low-Earth orbit” satellites and the additional flexibility to provide “both diverse geographic coverage and the… Read more »

The taxi wars

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Who is going to decide how we travel around our cities – Californian tech giants or local transport businesses? On Tech Tent we hear from the UK firm helping local taxi operators take the fight to Uber and from an American scooter firm trying to change the law in Britain. I took a trip to… Read more »

SoFi Plans to Start Rolling Out Deposit Accounts Next Month

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Social Finance Inc. said it will start offering deposit accounts and debit cards to some customers next month, the first major new product under Chief Executive Officer Anthony Noto.  The San Francisco-based company is looking to branch into various financial services Source: Bloomberg Technology News Date: April 6th, 2018 Link: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-05/sofi-plans-to-start-rolling-out-checking-accounts-next-month Discussion 1) Look up SoFi and see what it… Read more »

Apple, Amazon, Alphabet: The race to a trillion dollars

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When it comes to predictions for 2018, most financial analysts agree on one thing: one tech firm is likely to become America’s first ever trillion dollar company.  The question is: which one will it be? Source: BBC Technology News Date: February 1st, 2018 Link (includes a 2 min 38 sec video): http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-42901143 Discussion 1) At “$999 – the iPhone… Read more »