AI can improve Ontario’s health care system at lower costs

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Getting more for less is the consumer Holy Grail, but it’s rarely fulfilled. Yet by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) solutions into our health system, this is exactly what Canadians could get: better care at lower costs, freeing up resources to deliver faster and more integrated care. However, to fully realize health AI’s potential, researchers need… Read more »

Dealing with dread: how virtual therapy can help people cope with eco-anxiety

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Source: Toronto Daily Start Date: September 22nd, 2022 Link: Discussion “Cassandra Cornacchia is a registered social worker who offers counselling via several organizations, including Inkblot Therapy, a Canadian company that provides digital-first mental-health care. She argues that, for many people, online treatment is not only a workable care model but an ideal one.” Why might… Read more »