What Amazon knows: ‘The war for retail will be won in groceries’

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Amazon believes the future of grocery shopping is online. So why is the retail giant spending $13.7 billion to acquire 460 brick-and-mortar Whole Foods stores and lower prices on “organic bananas” and “responsibly-farmed salmon?” Answer: To dominate the grocery business like it has many others by increasing the number of customers while undercutting the competition. Source: CNN Technology… Read more »

Amazon leans into tipping point for online apparel

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The outlook for physical retailers is grim, the sector roiled by store closings, layoffs and bankruptcies. This year, Amazon will surpass Macy’s, which last year announced it would shut 100 stores, to become the largest seller of apparel in America, by several analysts’ estimates. It is looking at ways to keep expanding, too. Amazon is… Read more »

Tech boom marks revival in fortune for Ontario government

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Computer-design and related jobs rose 26 per cent in Ontario over the past five years to 162,000 in 2016, driving a 13 per cent increase in technology-services employment, as manufacturing fell 2.9 per cent over the same period, according to Statistics Canada. Job growth in computer-design was even faster than the 16 per cent increase… Read more »

Sorry, But Amazon Isn’t Actually Annihilating Retail Jobs

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There is a problem with much of the current rhetoric claiming that the automation of industry is leading to the annihilation of jobs and/or the enslavement of humanity. Source: Wired Magazine Date: March 1st, 2017 Link: https://www.wired.com/2017/03/sorry-amazon-isnt-actually-annihilating-retail-jobs/ Discussion 1) “By 2016 e-commerce comprised just 8.3 percent ($102.7 billion) of the total retail market ($1.2 trillion). While that’s a big… Read more »

Trump Can’t Stop the Globalization of Work—the Internet Will See to That

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DONALD TRUMP IS promising to make America great again by keeping others out. That approach is already undermining the smidgen of tentative good will he had enjoyed from the tech industry. As a strategy for keeping jobs in the US, it’s also fatally flawed. Turns out that in a world connected by the internet, isolationism… Read more »

These conveyor belts are a trip

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=16 These Intralox conveyor belts are just fascinating to watch. Source: YouTube Date: November 1st, 2016 Link to video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqLYhhV7u7Y&list=PLKfWL8IXgKBte4TfD53pLaHONfSYCX0RH&index=16 Discussion 1) As amazing as this is to just watch, what practical applications can you think of that could use this technology? 2) How might Amazon use this technology?

Facebook Traffic to News Sites Has Fallen by Double Digits

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A leading web analytics company says in a new report that traffic from Facebook to some of the top news publishers declined at double-digit rates in the second quarter of this year. SimilarWeb found that Facebook visits to some media companies are down by as much as 50% compared with the first quarter. Source: Fortune Date: August… Read more »

Music and YouTube – an uneasy marriage

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During 2015 more music was consumed in all sorts of ways, from streaming video and audio to good old-fashioned vinyl.  There was just one problem – money earned from sales and streaming actually fell. And the industry knows who it blames – YouTube. Source: BBC Technology Date: May 20th, 2016 Link: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-36340447 Discussion 1) How does this YouTube… Read more »

Facebook’s next big thing: Bots for Messenger

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No longer satisfied with being the dominant network for our humble species, Facebook is now courting a different type of user: bots. And eventually you’ll be able to talk to them as if they were your friends.  “Could you transfer £100 to my brother, please?” you might one day ask your bank. Or maybe, “Do… Read more »