Veronica Mars Kickstarter pledges top $1M in record time

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Discussion:  By using Kisckstarter, a crowd funding site, the amazingly wonderful cult hit TV show, Veronica Mars, may be resurrected for a feature film.  Warner Brothers originally told series creator, Rob Thomas, and actress Kristin Bell, that there was not enough interest in the series to warrant a major motion picture.  The project hit the one million dollar mark after… Read more »

Kim Dotcom on his new file-sharing site, Mega

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Discussion:  Kim Dotcom, the world’s most controversial Internet tycoon, recently released his new file sharing program, Mega.  Mega offers all-encrypted storage for files that can’t be opened by anyone–even the host.  Dotcom’s previous file sharing business, Megaupload, had around 50 million unique users in its prime, none of whom have regained access to their files since… Read more »

Amazon giving you free MP3s for CDs you bought

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Discussion:  Amazon recently launched AutoRip, which gives Amazon customers who have purchased CDs on Amazon anytime since 1998 access the the free MP3 versions of that music for free.  The service is now live, and can be accessed from any Cloud Player or other web-based music player.  Another feature of AutoRip is that customers who purchase a… Read more »

Bing takes on Google with a ‘Pepsi Challenge’

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Discussion:  Microsoft’s Bing search engine is a distant second to Google, but they believe their search results are better.  Microsoft recently launched an advertising campaign, called “Bing on it”, that resembles the “Pepsi Challenge” of the 1980s.  The campaign posts results from a query side by side, stripped of any formatting, and ask users which… Read more »

38 Studios: Broke Rhode Island now owns a video game company

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Discussion:  Rhonde Island, and its citizens, are now investors in software company, 38 Studios.  The goal of 38 Studios and its founder, Red Sox pitcher Carl Schilling, was to bring in skilled jobs to the fiancianally struggling state.  However, the company laid off all of its 400 employees on Thursday, without pay, and cancelled all of their… Read more »

Coding and Red Bull: Facebook holds all-night hacking session

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Discussion:  On the night before their $16 billion dollar IPO, Facebook employees participated in its traditional 31st annual all night “hackathon”, instead of drinking champagne and celebrating.  The only requirement is that employees work on a project that they would normally not do during their day job.  The reward for the all night “hackathon” is a t-shirt,… Read more »

Shopping by phone at South Korea’s virtual grocery

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Discussion:  In South Korea, shoppers can now go grocery shopping with their smartphones while they wait for the subway.  With Homeplus’s new virtual shopping center, customers can order groceries by scanning bar codes with their smartphone.  The goods are then delivered to their front door, without the purchaser ever having stepped foot in a grocery… Read more »

Will NFC make the mobile wallet work?

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Discussion:  It was recently announced that the new iPhone 4S would not have NFC (near field communication) technology integrated into it, which was disappointing to many.  The NFC chip, which is a form of radio frequency identification (RFID),  is used to enable the mobile wallet.  One concern of NFC is that the chip remains programmable,… Read more »