How A Former Pizza Hut Delivery Guy Used TikTok And Instagram To Build Gymshark Into A Billion-Dollar Sportswear Brand

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Even in the slightly unhinged world of internet influencers, Devon Lévesque is one of the most intense—hands down. Recently the 28-year-old fitness pro bear-crawled 26.2 miles around New York City to raise awareness of veterans’ mental health. To the delight of his nearly 500,000 Instagram fans, on October 30 Lévesque, who can hit 12 miles… Read more »

How Parks Canada’s online reservation system buckled — again — under the weight of would-be Banff campers

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Before COVID-19 changed everything, Katt Hryciw was like tens of thousands of other people who hoped to secure a campsite in Banff National Park this summer. She set an alarm, woke up early on Jan. 8, the first day Banff reservations could be made, and sat poised at her computer.  “And then as soon as it… Read more »

ToursByLocals snaps up its first funding, C$33M, to link sightseers with guides globally

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The tours and experiences market is projected to be worth $183 billion this year, and today a startup that has made inroads into the space through bootstrapping is announcing its first outside investment. ToursByLocals — which sources local guides in some 162 countries, then helps tourists search and book them for either individual or small group tours… Read more »

Tech boom marks revival in fortune for Ontario government

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Computer-design and related jobs rose 26 per cent in Ontario over the past five years to 162,000 in 2016, driving a 13 per cent increase in technology-services employment, as manufacturing fell 2.9 per cent over the same period, according to Statistics Canada. Job growth in computer-design was even faster than the 16 per cent increase… Read more »

Music and YouTube – an uneasy marriage

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During 2015 more music was consumed in all sorts of ways, from streaming video and audio to good old-fashioned vinyl.  There was just one problem – money earned from sales and streaming actually fell. And the industry knows who it blames – YouTube. Source: BBC Technology Date: May 20th, 2016 Link: Discussion 1) How does this YouTube… Read more »

Facebook’s next big thing: Bots for Messenger

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No longer satisfied with being the dominant network for our humble species, Facebook is now courting a different type of user: bots. And eventually you’ll be able to talk to them as if they were your friends.  “Could you transfer £100 to my brother, please?” you might one day ask your bank. Or maybe, “Do… Read more »

Drones film festival takes off

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The New York City Drone Film Festival opens on 5 March at the Directors Guild of America Theatre in New York.  It is the world’s first event exclusively showing short movies filmed with drones. Source: BBC News Date: March 7th, 2016 Link to video: Discussion 1) What sort of business could you create around the use of… Read more »

India firm launches ‘world’s cheapest’ smartphone: $3.60 each

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The phone has 8GB storage and cameras in the front and back, and its model resembles Apple’s iPhone 4, including the home button and icons. “This is our flagship model and we think it will bring a revolution in the industry,” the AFP news agency quoted a spokeswoman as saying. Source: BBC Technology News Date: February 19th, 2016… Read more »

Microsoft tests underwater data centre

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Microsoft said its reasons for experimenting with underwater data centres were twofold.  Firstly, half the world’s population is located within 125 miles (200km) of the coast so data centres in the sea would reduce latency – the time its takes data to travel from its source to customers. But there were also environmental reasons for the… Read more »