Smart doorbells ‘easy target for hackers’ study finds

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Major security flaws in popular smart doorbells are putting consumers at risk of being targeted by hackers inside their homes, according to Which. The consumer group says devices being sold on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, could easily be hacked or switched off by criminals. It is asking the government for new legislation to… Read more »

State-sponsored actors ‘very likely’ looking to attack electricity supply, says intelligence agency

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State-sponsored actors are “very likely” trying to shore up their cyber capabilities to attack Canada’s critical infrastructure — such as the electricity supply — to intimidate or to prepare for future online assaults, a new intelligence assessment warns. “As physical infrastructure and processes continue to be connected to the internet, cyber threat activity has followed, leading to increasing risk to… Read more »

Beat the Cheats

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U.S. CREDIT CARD fraud topped $8 billion in 2015 and should surpass $12 billion next year. You can reduce your exposure to such incidents with a few simple steps. Why bother? Won’t the bank pick up the tab when unauthorized purchases show up on your account? Generally, yes, thanks to the Fair Credit Billing Act and the Electronic… Read more »

iPhone ATM PIN code hack

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Mark Rober shows how infra-red technology can be used to grab ATM and Debit Card PINs. Source: YouTube Date: October 22nd, 2020 Link: Discussion What sort of business might you be able to set up using this infra-red technology? How would you advise your employees at your company to avoid infra-red attacks?

Cybersecurity Budget Planning for 2021

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The world has changed— and your cybersecurity budget needs to change with it. In the last year, attackers have shifted tactics to target cloud collaboration tools, distributed employee populations, misconfigured cloud instances, work-from-home environments, and more. This year, it’s critical to take a hard look at your budget, and formulate a plan that protects your… Read more »

LMG Cyber Security’s Breaking Breaches

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Watch the latest episode of our new video series, Breaking Breaches! LMG Security’s Sherri Davidoff & Matt Durrin explore how the recent Blackbaud double-extortion ransomware data breach is still hitting companies, non-profits, insurers & consumers. Hear details about the incident, the ripple effects from the breach & how to keep your organization safe Source: LMG… Read more »

Victims of CRA hackers vulnerable to other cyberattacks

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Thousands of Canadians affected by recent cyberattacks on the Canada Revenue Agency and federal government computer systems could be vulnerable to other attacks, warn cybersecurity and privacy experts. “They have to be very scared if they have another account with the same password,” said Ali Ghorbani, director of the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity at the University… Read more »

Spy agency flags possible security breaches at Canadian pandemic research facilities

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Canada’s cyber spy agency says authorities are investigating possible security breaches at Canadian organizations doing COVID-19-related research — less than a week after it warned that Canadian intellectual property linked to the pandemic is a “valuable target” for state-sponsored actors. “We’ve seen some compromises in research organizations that we’ve been helping to mitigate and we’re… Read more »