Centralized virtual schools and synchronous delivery: How remote learning is shaping up for fall

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Regina Public Schools hasn’t finalized numbers, it is also setting up a centralized virtual school, and in its case, the division will unite dedicated teachers under one roof as well. Working from one location will help ensure “robust” internet connectivity on the teachers’ side while staff will “also benefit from working together with their colleagues, so they can… Read more »

The tech industry’s winners and losers in lockdown

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The coronavirus pandemic has been bad news for business. But even as some technology companies have been squeezed tight, others have actually seen a boost. Some were in the right place at the right time – while others have seen the real-world trade they rely on shut down completely. Source: BBC Business News Date: May… Read more »

Coronavirus contact-tracing: World split between two types of app

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Countries around the world are developing Covid-19 smartphone apps to limit the spread of coronavirus and relax lockdown restrictions. It’s hoped the information they gather can be used to alert people whether they pose a risk of spreading the contagion, and need to isolate. But, over recent weeks, a split has emerged between two different… Read more »

How new technologies could protect industrial workers from COVID-19

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ome of the largest outbreaks in Canada have taken place in these types of workplaces, such as the hundreds of confirmed cases linked to meat-processing facilities as well as infections in several provinces traced back to a single Alberta oilsands work camp. But in many industrial workplaces, smartphones aren’t permitted due to safety concerns. That’s why Blackline developed its technology using… Read more »

A computer ‘the size of a credit card’ could help doctors monitor COVID-19 patients remotely

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A team from the University of Toronto has created a new way for health-care workers to monitor COVID-19 patients — without having to set foot in their hospital rooms.  It all began about two weeks ago when a call came from Mount Sinai Hospital asking the university’s engineering department to figure out a way to… Read more »

Big tech’s covid-19 opportunity

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The pandemic will have many losers, but it already has one clear winner: big tech. The large digital platforms, including Alphabet and Facebook, will come out of the crisis even stronger. They should use this good fortune to reset their sometimes testy relations with their users. Otherwise big government, the other beneficiary of the covid calamity,… Read more »