Amazon is bringing palm-scanning payment system to Whole Foods stores

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Amazon is expanding its palm-scanning payment system to a Whole Foods store in Seattle, the company announced Wednesday, the first of many planned rollouts at other locations. Amazon One, which debuted in September and is currently in use at about a dozen Amazon physical stores, allows shoppers to pay for items by placing their palm over… Read more »

How 3 brothers solved a tech glitch that was crashing Alberta’s COVID-19 vaccine booking tool

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Within minutes of its 8 a.m. opening on Wednesday morning, the Alberta system allowing seniors to book for the COVID-19 vaccine had crashed. By noon, a trio of Edmonton brothers had figured out the problem on the website and posted a solution on Twitter to help others sidestep the glitch. The issue, according to Kory Mathewson,… Read more »

‘Smart’ face masks promise high-tech protection

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Face masks have become an everyday item due to the spread of coronavirus. But now some brands are exploring ways to add hi-tech features focused on safety and utility. Source: BBC News Date: February 19th, 2021 Link to 3 minute 51 second video: Discussion Useful tech gadget, or gimmick? What makes the difference? How… Read more »

CES 2021: Smart sport kit put to the test

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A cricket bat designed for virtual reality gaming and a bluetooth-connected baseball are among the sport innovations to be unveiled at the CES tech show. Source: BBC Technology News Date: January 22nd. 2021 Link to 2 minute 38 second video: Discussion What sort of business could you set up around this technology? Why is… Read more »

CES2020: Sex Tech

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CES has welcomed sex tech this year. But blink and you might miss it. There are no more than half a dozen stands, and most are tucked away in a far corner of one of Las Vegas’s vast conference halls. They are being hosted under the umbrella of the Health and Wellness zone. Several feature… Read more »