How human-like are the most sophisticated chatbots?

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Source: York University in Toronto Date: December 6th, 2022 Link to BBC article about York University’s SAVY chatbot: Discussion Why aren’t chatbots more widely deployed? For instance, it is very likely that your university doesn’t have one. Why is this? What are some of the issues with chatbots?

Facebook chatbot offers to answer tricky questions

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Facebook has created a chatbot to help its own employees answer tricky questions from friends and family over the holiday season. The Liam bot answers queries about how the social network handles hate speech and disinformation and can even offer advice about helping locked-out users. Facebook said it was responding to requests from its staff…. Read more »

How talking machines are taking call center jobs

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The biggest threat to jobs might not be physical robots, but intelligent software agents that can understand our questions and speak to us, integrating seamlessly with all the other programs we use at home and at work. And call centres are particularly at risk. Last week we learned that British retail giant Marks & Spencer… Read more »