Solu: A flawed attempt to reinvent the PC

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Source: BBC News Date: October 15th, 2015 Link: Discussion 1) The article says “Solu’s main selling point is its software. It looks nothing like any computer you’ve ever used before.  Running on a heavily-modified version of Google’s Android operating system, the Solu software does away with many of the conventions we’re used to in home computing.”  Can… Read more »

Radically rethinking the bus system

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Discussion:  Phillips, the giant electronics company, is designing a new bus system that will revolutionize public transportation.  Commuting by bus hasn’t changed for decades, and Phillips believes the industry is ready for some drastic changes.  One of the biggest changes will be an app that should reduce the occurrence of empty busses driving predetermined routes.  Using the app, passengers will be able to… Read more »

Polaroid goes digital with Android camera

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Discussion:  Polaroid is refusing to fade out of the digital camera market.  Polaroid, whose vision is still based upon sharing images and memories, is putting out a new camera that runs on the Android operating system, thus taking media sharing to the next level.  Also, in 2010 Polaroid named Lady Gaga to a creative director… Read more »

Who is Apple’s new CEO?

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Discussion:  Tim Cook is the new CEO of Apple.  He is taking over for Steve Jobs, Apple’s very visible co-founder, visionary, and CEO since 1997.  The change in leadership is supported by the majority of Apple’s employees and stakeholders as Jobs voluntarily resigns his post for health reasons.  The real test for Apple and Cook… Read more »

HP kills TouchPad, looks to exit PC business

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Discussion:  Last week HP announced that it would no longer support its TouchPad, among other things, which had only been on the market for three weeks.  It also announced that it was going to buy British software developer Autonomy.  HP states that it is trying to transition into faster-growing, more profitable businesses like software, servers and corporate… Read more »

When to pull the plug on old software

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Discussion:  Technology changes so fast and so often that sometimes it may seem as if software, for example, is outdated as soon as it is implemented.  Software companies need to find a balance between accommodating old software in new updates, and considering the old software obsolete.  If software companies choose to make new software and updates compatible… Read more »

Tech upstarts reveal the flaws in healthcare IT

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Discussion: In an ideal world, all hospitals would integrate their medical files via single online platforms and share patient information efficiently and accurately.  But as different hospitals adopt different IT products ad hoc, integrating these systems is very complicated.  So tech companies are focusing less on concentration of existing patient records and more on communication… Read more »

Cloud computing: How to get your business ready

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Discussion: Thanks to speed, scalability, and price, cloud computing is taking off on a massive scale.  As companies make plans to move into the cloud, experts advise mapping IT needs early for the right cloud strategy.  Microsoft’s Dave Coplin says, “Think of the cloud as a tool, an enabler, you have to think about what… Read more »

Can IT give users a consumer-like experience? Should they?

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Discussion: Aided by a growing array of consumer applications on the Web and mobile phones, IT users have changed their expectations about how applications should function at work.  If they are so darn easy to use at home, shouldn’t the same apply at work?  Thus the term “consumerization,” which is the effect of end-users setting… Read more »