Manufacturing the dream: Game changing new production

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Discussion: Using just a laptop and a full-featured three-dimensional (3D) design software program, anybody with a creative vision can now build a prototype and have it “printed” layer by layer out of plastics or metal.  Shapeways, a company on the cutting edge of manufacturing, can take a 3D design submitted over the Internet, build it,… Read more »

Feds take cloud-first approach to IT

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It’s a good thing not all elected officials are clueless about technology.  In an effort to reduce 40 percent of the U.S. government’s current 2,100 data centers, the White House has pledged to embrace flexible cloud computing in favor of traditional in-house tech deployments.  The shift from building custom, proprietary IT systems to lighter technologies… Read more »

Cnet News – Perspective: The Hidden Risk in Outsourcing Overseas

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                  Description: Cnet News article related to the hidden risks of outsourcing & especially to overseas locations.  The article focuses thought around the potential loss of intellectual property in outsource arrangements.  Students should be guided to think critically about this risk & ways to minimize it, if that… Read more »

BPO – What is Business Process Outsourcing?

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Description: General purpose of outsourcing is to increase efficiency, reduce costs & to acquire innovative capabilities quickly-by buying the capabilities instead of developing them.  Outsourcing can be a source of strategic advantage.  It can be a disadvantage if cost begins to spiral upward. Source: Link: Discussion Questions: Describe what is meant by the “lean… Read more »